Energy Management

China is a high energy consumption country for decades. As the level of industrialization and urbanization continuously grow, the problems of contradiction between energy supply and demand as long as the energy wastage have been paid close attention. It is no doubt that how to efficiently and safely manage the energy become the topic of the times. Suntrans by using the independently research and develop technologies and devices build an all new intelligent “Internet +” Energy Management System. Suntrans Energy Management System integrates functionalities including measurement, protection, management, communication and programming. It is a cutting edge system compared to the traditional energy management tools.


Suntrans patent of the “Zero-crossing of AC” completely solves the load shock and harmonic interference to electric network, effectively prolong electrical equipment’s working life


Lies on the technologies of “Cloud Computing” and “Big Data”, Suntrans Energy Management System possesses the functions such as “intelligent control”, “energy monitoring”, “active fire protection” and “environment monitoring”.


All devices used in Suntrans Energy Management System are electrical equipment which could be switch on and off for 1 million times.


Real-time monitoring the power consumption of electric equipment. Analyzing the consumption data to optimize the power consume strategy to reach up to 50% energy saving.


Key characters including high level of integration, small size, easy to install. Power distribute through busbar, communicate through wireless, minimize the workload. Online management requires only few staffs.