Smart School

Based on Tencent “Welink” platform, Suntrans developed an edge cutting “Internet + Campus Energy Management System”. It provides the functionalities as power consumption real-time monitoring, dormitory malignant load recognition, large electrical appliances recognition and so on. By connecting all the “terminals” with the “campus cloud”, it helps the management team to perform a better work on managing the campus electricity. The student users could also using the mobile APP to manage the electrical appliances and pay for the electric bills.


Electrical Anomaly Real-time Detective,

Power Load Auto Recognition,

Ensure the Power Safety.


Auto Collect Power Consumption Data,

Auto Report Generating,

Diagram and Audit Report


Auto Integrate and Analyses Data,

Initiative Providing Best Operating Plan.

Cost Efficient

Energy Effective Allocation and Control,

Improve the Management Productivity,

Transparent Power Usage.