Previous Projects

In 2017, we undertook the TIT intelligent transformation project of Guangzhou Tencent Building, explored the path and accumulated experience for building the future intelligent landmark in Guangzhou – WeChat building.
In 2017, we undertook the Wuhan road light Bureau project and achieved the whole domain network, accurate positioning, intelligent management and control, and energy saving management goals.
In 2017, the energy management and control project of the HePing campus of Gansu University of Chinese Medicine was accomplished, which pioneered the construction of the smart campus.
In 2016, finished the construction of the Lanzhou Wanhua intelligent building construction project and accomplished the entire building wiring bus, wireless communications, power intelligent, meticulous management and energy saving maximization.
In 2016, the Wuhan city fire network information project was built, which realized the fire revolution from passive elimination to active defense, artificial management to intelligent control, and gained wide social acclaim.
In 2016, undertook the construction of the intelligent power management system in Wuhan University national heritage dormitory “Yin Yuan”.
In 2014, the intelligent power management system based on the Internet of things was applied in the student apartment project of Wuhan University, and widely praised for its intelligence, digitalization, visualization and transparency.
In 2011, with world leading independent R & D and manufactured PLC products and pumping station management system which based on the Internet of things were successfully deployed in Wuhan Dajun mountain station, Tangxun Lake pumping station, began a new era of pumping station management system of the Internet of things.
In 2010, the electric energy centralized meter reading & monitoring system was built in ZhongNan Agricultural Products Trading Center, which became the first meter system based on ZigBee and the Internet of things in China.
In 1999, undertook the monitoring automation system construction project of Hubei Xiaogan SanYuanGong 110KV substation, and it became the first power automation construction in China based on the Internet of things.