Three-phase Duo-channel Smart Controller


Suntrans Three-phase Duo-channel Smart Controller equipped with the high performance micro power industry CPU and integrating TCP/IP protocol. Users could use any smart phone/tablet, manually or through RS485 to control the switch. It is functioned with voltage, current, active power, power factor, power parameter measurement functions and with overvoltage, under voltage, overcurrent protection. The smart switch has the function of patent wireless remote meter reading system, to achieve remote monitoring of load control.


Output IO : 12V、300mA

Input IO : <5mA;

Stand-by power consumption : 7W;

Rated voltage : 3*220/380V(AC);

Rated current : 3*10(60)A(AC);

Rated frequency : 50 Hz;

Relay operating time : Action time: 10ms, Release time: 10 ms

Interphase insulation voltage : >2000VRMS