Single-phase electronic multifunction electric energy meter




It is developed by modern microelectronic technology, computer technology, electrical measurement technology and high-precision metering chip, data communication technology and advanced SMT manufacturing process. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, stable and reliable performance, long life, small volume, light weight, low power consumption, easy operation, easy management and function expansion, multi-use and so on. The performance index of this meter is in line with national standards and industry standards such as "GB/T17883-1999", "GB/T 17882-1999", "GB/T 17215-2002", "DL/T 614-2007" and "DL/T 645-2007".

The product can be used to measure single-phase AC active power with reference voltage of 220V and reference frequency of 50Hz. It can be widely applied in the field of electric energy measurement and power consumption automatic management in the power industry. It is suitable for remote meter reading users and ordinary users.